Christmas Fundraising Appeal

Everyone should have enough food to eat, but this is not the case. In Renfrewshire, people are going without food. People coming to the Foodbank have been missing meals, often for days at a time. Many are struggling this year due to the economic effects of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Please help provide food, gas/electricity, and other necessities to local people who are struggling by supporting the Renfrewshire Foodbank Christmas Appeal.

Sarah lives with her husband James and their two children, Emily (5) and Daniel (2). The family have never had to use a Foodbank before but this changed when the Coronavirus Pandemic began.  Sarah works part time and has continued to work throughout the Pandemic, however, her husband, who is self employed was unable to work during the first lockdown and they did not qualify for any help.  Their reduced income covered bills but there was nothing left for food and essentials.  James is now back at work and the family are starting to get back on their feet.

“I was so embarrassed to come to the Foodbank, we had never been in this position before.  The volunteers were so welcoming, we felt we could seek help from the Foodbank while we were struggling.  This was such a relief especially when the schools opened as initially there were no breakfast clubs.  Emily was able to have breakfast at home and go to school happy and able to concentrate on her lessons.”